Friday, June 1, 2012

A beautiful Day. June 1 2012

June 1 2012 my grandchildren Bylla and Elijah, and baby Timothy and of course my daughter
 Shmoo came to visit me today.
(Lucious was in school)
I got such big hugs from them...Life is great as a Gamma!!!
 Big smile from Elijah...I think he's as happy to see his Gamma as I am to see him.

I bough my youngest grandchild Timothy  a new toy, a play centre.
Look at that red hair, he got that from his father's side, his Scottish heritage!

 Today I also bought..............stuff to go camping! 
Wait till Mr. B. see's this,  ha! 
 A huge tent...
I got a queen size air mattress to sleep on!
 This "old" gal is camping in style!...
Not really, I got the mattress only because my bones hurt.
I need something cushy to sleep on...
I also did some gardening today...
and look what I came across!
a monarch
 I couldn't believe how close I got with my camera...
 No sooner did I take the picture...and she flew away.
 Look how her wings are edged.
 At the end of this beautiful day, I sat at my patio table and enjoyed  a lovely glass of  Rose Zinvindale with a good magazine in the sunshine!
 ...Watching my fountain. 
See my young white birch growing?...It was only a foot high last year
 and now its almost 5 feet!
What a beautiful day...Thank you Lord!
 Thank you my girl, for spending the day with me...


  1. Beautiful weather here in France Too, and my wife has just flown to London to babysit two of our grandsons. It's 5.25pm and it's 29 degrees C; I must go and throw myself in the pool!

  2. beautiful blog mom. i enjoyed spending the day with you. and wow was that butterfly beautiful, you could see the shape of its head and everything. very cool. but i do think that its time for a new camera ;) Glad your posting again mom. love you.

  3. HI!!!
    OH MY GOODNESS....I think I have found my sweet sweet friend!!!!
    OH man it has been a long long time!!!I am going to need a week to catch up with you!!!
    How are you feeling??????
    So happy....doing a HAPPY DANCE!!!!GUESS WHAT...I made it to PARIS!!!Last month...well APRIL to be exact!!!!It was divine!!!!!
    And I went to LONDON!!!
    OH please stop by and say HI!!!I have missed you so much


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