Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome Little Lucy Belle

Another Kitty Left on Our Door Step

We will call this pretty little girl Lucy Belle.
Yesterday during a windy, wet snow fall we opened our front door to go and scrape off the frozen ice that was on the car window shields, when this little kitty ran up to us,she was wet and shivering.

We looked her over and soon saw her sad state, her eyes were weeping, her ears were covered in a thick layer of black gunk, that usually indicates that there are ear mites present, the tips of her ears were frozen. Her paws and belly were dirty, and she seemed hungry.
I and my husband are very upset with the folks around here...just dropping animals off at our door step! Leaving small animals in the cold to manage on their own.
(our dog was left at our door, in -35 last January)

Mr.B gave Lucy a bath (above)
We took her to the vet, she looked her over, cleaned out her ears more,
told us to continue cleaning them with mineral oil.
 Gave her a shot for the mite's and possible worms.
Weighed her in , the vet said she was small for her age and underweight,
she could be approximately 6 or 7 months old. 
We set up an appointment for 10 days from today.
At the desk, the receptionist asked her name...Hmmm 
Lucy, Lucy Belle!
Back at home, after some food, and a rest Lucy Belle settled in nicely.
 Even if I do find her family, I don't think I have the heart to hand her over to them...
They did not take care of her!!!
 Even the vet said Lucy was better off with us! Her previous owners are neglectful!!!
Welcome Lucy Belle...


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