Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas, 2011

Well.... I am going to start our Christmas adventure with our dog Joey,  our beautiful
 English Shepard.
(Joey tangled in the Christmas ribbon.)
After hours of setting up the tree....I had to re-due the tree this year!!!!
 Thanks to our faithful companion Joey (above).
For, this is what I found on our floor early Christmas morn.
(The remains of my peacock!!!)
Allow me to show you, what this gorgeous bird once looked like...
the absorbent price, I payed for this pretty birdie
at the speciality Christmas shop.
A place I do not frequent, because of the prices!!!!
(My blue Styrofoam and feathered Peacock, once graced my tree)
But I gifted myself this year....Isn't it beautiful?..
my doggy thought so too!
We found Joey, with blue paws that morning, sooo we assume..

 I think he must of had some help pulling my blue bird down...
Just look at those guilty Christmas eyes on Lucky Buttons!
(Buttons with Christmas fever)

So Mr.B...still in his PJ's, 
 I and Joey too, worked hard, to re-due the tree!!!
The tree turned out okay...But oh, I miss my  blue bird :(
I have to admit the tree looks a little bare with out the elegant peacock....

So, I added some new ornaments to make up for my loss...
For the love of grapes, I just love the way the light captures these grapes!
A windmill to represent our German town
I picked this fella for his blue wool sweater....
Thank goodness Joey didn't get the gift ornament Mr.B. got me 
"the peacocks nest"

 We went to bed late, after re-decorating the tree,
 and woke up very early to open our gifts from Mr. B's mom and dad...
I think it was 5am???

I am still wearing my "breath right strip", he he,  and my morning hair is a mess,
oh, and did I mention.... I broke my tooth on some Christmas candy...liquorish!
Thanks Ma, I always wanted a "Slap Chop"
Mr B. opens his...
Is joey still tired after hunting for peacocks the night before?
Frankie is at the opening
Lucky Buttons
Shhhh - Lucy Belle & Lilly Pad are still asleep!

Later that morning, After church....the grandchildren arrive!
Lets get a picture by the tree with my
 daughter Heather and my three grandchildren
Heather is pregnant with baby #4, a boy....
 Sibylla in her new Christmas dress, Lucious and Elijah

 The next day December 26th
Down stairs I set up my red tree...
Uncle Matt (my son) will help the kids out opening the big boxes....
First Elijah...Hurry Uncle Matt, put it down!!!

As a child, I never celebrated Christmas, so I am making up for lost time!!!

So I love love put up trees, decorate, cook till I drop, and 
wrap gifts until my fingers burn. 

The remainder of our guest arrive....

I am so grateful, to celebrate with members of my family...
 Jen. and her hubby Sct. and their two girls.( my great nieces)
 Pait. and Dan.
Thank you so very, very much for sharing this day with us.  
We also celebrated Mr.Bs Birthday. 
Poor guy, being born the day after Christmas... 
So we make Christmas extra special....
Oh boy, he's going into shock....
He never expected that...Something he's wanted for a long time....
(Eagles mean a lot to us!)
Happy Birthday hun!
Thanks to Mr. Bs mom for the birthday cake!!!

Time to eat turkey with all the trimmings!!!
Time to eat turkey and all the fixings, buffet style...
and, of course Joey....
I didn't do it... honest!
Good night and wishing ya all a....


  1. It looks like they were getting it ready for the oven!

  2. very nice mom. ;)
    I love ur new tree. and christmas was really fun. i think im still tired from staying up till 1am playing games. LOL :) love u !!

  3. Yup, I think your right Tracey...

    Heather, I too had a blast playing the games late that night, we will have to do it again soon....!

  4. i am terribly sorry about the loss of that gorgeous blue bird but other than that it appears you christmas was full of love and joy! i wish you a happy new year! xo from michele

  5. Nice to meet you. I got such a chuckle from your post. Sorry for the loss of that gorgeous bird, but you recovered well. Nice visiting your blog. Best wishes to you in the new year!

  6. Hello My Sweety,

    Wow, you really did a great job with Christmas, the tree and dinner, I just loved it.

    Thank you for my great gifts and my very special birthday present that I will always treasure.

    You are the most special gift I have in my life and I will treasure you the most, Thank you for being my wife.

    With much love and more,

    Your Hubby,


  7. Michele and Patti...Yes our Christmas was wonderful despite the demise of our poor blue bird...thanks

    Hey Hun, love it when you take time to comment.
    Ahhh, your welcome, love yea too!

    Well, its 10:09 pm, Hubby is at work and I am off to bed... I work in the morn..."Happy New Year" to all...
    Trace Grace


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