Friday, May 28, 2010

How Good He Is

Have you ever had a healing miracle?
Has God ever touched you,  in such a way you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that He cares...
about you?
I have had such an experience.
I am not talking about the many times when some thing extraordinary has happened to me, nor times when I would come across the right amount of money at the right time, or even all those strange eagle sightings that are way beyond the ordinary, No I am not even talking about all the crazy way's God found for me to receive Grace in my life.
I am talking about when God touches you and, you receive a  physical healing miracle. 
I have heard of others confessing that they have had such experience's, but I never really believed they received a healing from a higher power..
I thought they must be exaggerating or mistaken or bound up in some kind of euphoria...well,  I sure believe now! I understand what it is to have a physical healing miracle,  the kind when your are healed on the spot! AND I know in my heart it real, and this is no coincidence.

I have been very sick lately, for the past 7 days with strep throat...Never under estimate strep throat!  I thought I could fight it off on my own, like I have fought many other things in my life, you know the tough girl"I don't need anyone", asking God to help me, never occurred to me. The times in the past I have ask for healing, it didn't happen so I stopped asking. My big ego had been under the impression that I didn't need God, so never bothered to chat with him any more...truthfully I was and have been very angry with Him, and was of the mind he was angry with me too.
  So here I am with this very painful virus, fever, body aches, my throat was so sore that I couldn't even swallow my own saliva. On the second day,  the pain went into my right side and I started vomiting and got dehydrated. I hadn't eaten nor drank any thing in almost 48 hours. Still, the words "help me Lord" would not pass my lips, my husband had his own issues with the creator and did not bend a knee in prayer for me either....what a couple of stubborn old farts we are!
 The pain in my side was so bad, violently vomiting, B. said "its enough! you need to go to the hospital", he must have said it at least 5 times, I ignored his beseeching, but this time I knew he was right I have to go to the hospital. My loving husband helped me dress, and drove me to the hospital, he got me to the emergency room. The nurses took me in and hooked me up to an IV machine that was running fast, this would hydrated me quickly. I was given Maxeran for nausea, and a pain killer through the IV drip. The doctor told me that I had a strep infection in my throat, if left untreated it could travel though out the body.  This infection went to my liver, that resulted in terrible pain in my right painful the doctor could barely examine me. Blood test's did confirmed a liver infection as well as strep throat, and antibiotic was prescribed. The pain killers prescribed helped allot. I was on my way to feeling better. After a couple of hours I was doing much better. I could hardly believe that a few hours ago I was so sick I could barley walk into this place.

Shortly there after,  we found our selves walking out of the hospital going home. For the next two days I was starting to feel much better, and planed to go to work the next day. That night I started to feel nauseous again, about 8:30 that night a head ache had hit me so hard, the pain was like nothing I have never had before. I couldn't move, couldn't talk, my neck was radiating so much pain I feared meningitis, B. had been rubbing my head for hours, I had taken 3 different pain killers to no avail.  B. placed a cold wrap around my head...but nothing took the pain away. This pain had lasted 8 long hours, non stop.  I grab my own head hard,to try an squeeze the pain out,  I was in agony, my stomach was turning, I was going vomit... I think I will have to go back to the hospital. At 3:30 AM in my tears, I broke through my pride and asked B. if he would pray for me, there was hesitation on his part, but he did as I bid, and  prayed for my healing, I verbally agreed for healing in Jesus name. 

As B. prayed I could hardly believe what was happening... the pain was going away...I felt it completely go from my brain, by the time he said amen...Oh my God! The pain was completely gone! I started to cry, to praise the Lord... with my hand's raised high I gave heart felt thanks.B.was speechless, all he could say was "really, Its really gone?" Tears of thanks, of joy, knowing God heard our prayer and answered! God did this miracle for me, He relieved me of the pain in my head, the hospital trip was not necessary, the great healer made contact!...That blows the socks off me feet.
I had to write this down so I should never for get what he has done.
I only wish, I could type and tell this story in such a way that the amazing miracle could be felt by the reader. 

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