Friday, May 28, 2010

My daughter and her husband J.

My daughter and her husband J. went away for the weekend to a bible retreat and while the parents were away Gamma got to play...with her youngest grandson...Eli.
I had the privileged of looking after Eli. for the weekend and I thought I would send my daughter"Shmooygirl" some pictures via my blog...although this post is for my daughter, any one can enjoy the photos of our days...(I believe Shmoo has posted some pics of her trip,@her blog above.)

Eli. and I started our day out side on the deck, he loved running back and forth!

off to the swing set we go...
Once back inside Eli.Played with our newest kitty...Lucky Three Buttons!!!

"Lucky" Because we decided to keep him after someone just dropped him off on our door step!!! 
"Three Buttons" Because he has three black markings on his tummy like buttons!!!

 Eli.picked up his cat puppet and headed for the window.
 Then he cried "Mama"...oh boy!!!
Fast thinking Gamma!...Off to the kitchen for some fun...
Nothing like a little Tupperware to make a baby happy!!!
How about some yummy waffles and plums for a hungry boy.

 Oh Boy! Now what??? He's keeping me hopping!!!
Okay, off in the wagon we go.....
Theres a happy boy!!!
To the park
Gamma and Eli. God blessed us with a beautiful Fall day.
A little run about...

Time for Gamma to rest.
Oh...Look who decided to join us...
We could have used you early Mr.B!!!
Once back home I made supper...Eli ate everything!!!
Grilled chicken breast with Wild Rice Casserole
Check my side bar for the recipe in Mrs.G's kitchen...Yummy!!!

Sleep tight my beautiful grandson....
In the morning breakfast, before church!!!
More like feeding the cat time???
See you after church mom and dad!!!
I picked Bylla and her brother Lu up after church...
While I had Eli, his brother and sister were with their other Gammy and Papa.
We all went for Ice cream, while waiting for mommy and daddy to arrive.
Bylla has on one of her many Scottish dresses... for church going.

Bylla got a parcel in the mail from the US.
This cute Eiffel tower T, from Jamie from Mimi's Corner
She finds the cutest things for her little Miss C...
...and sends them for my grand daughter Bylla.
There you go my Shmooygirl...
This Gamma has to work tomorrow, so I'll be away from my PC for a bit...
till then

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