Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Royals of Today!

 As curious things turn out...after I posted my findings of "the royals of old", I found interesting info on the royals of today!
 Turns out that our soon to be married (April 29 2011)
 Kate and William...

 ...are related to Anne Boleyn,
but perhaps they are even related to Henry VIII as well via Mary Boleyn???
Read more below or go to the two blogs listed at the bottom of my post....

This beautiful sketch (below) is from a talented artist I found on the net by: 
Anne and Mary Boleyn

"Elizabeth Knollys was the Queen's cousin, and a relation of Anne Boleyn through her sister. Elizabeth Knollys was the granddaughter of Mary Boleyn through her daughter, Catherine Carey. The other interesting thing is that Catherine Carey has, for many years, been the subject of speculation about her paternity. Catherine was conceived during the time that her mother, Mary, was Henry VIII's acknowledged mistress. Although the king never claimed paternity of Catherine or even her brother, Henry. So, we know for sure that Kate and Wills are related to Anne Boleyn, but perhaps they are related to
 Henry VIII as well!"
 Info "thanks" to.... Madame Guillotine...
very cool blog  http://madameguillotine.org.uk/
via info  http://thetudorblog.blogspot.com/
and art  http://hitokiri-ayame.deviantart.com/   Thank you ladies.

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  1. umm.. how can they be related to anne and not henry v111 ??
    her only child was with him ??/
    im confussed....ill read on..love u


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