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Oh... Those Royals of Old!

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                I find this stuff so interesting I can hardly contain my enthusiasm about my readings...
I do this post for you Shmoo, I know your interested in this stuff too,
but being a busy mom of three, I know you
 have no time for hundreds of pages of history books.
the one to his top right is is Anne Boleyn
 she became his famous "beheaded" Queen
 after he had his marriage annulled from Catherine of Aragon,
 the lady directly above him in the photo, above. ...

                         "Click" Antonia's name to buy the book...    Antonia Fraser
writes a very good history of the 6 women in King Henry's life.
A must see movie to learn a bit more
"The Other Boleyn Girl"

I personally think the movie does a fine job, as it allures to the truth of this
story. Of course it is a Hollywood film
 and "they" have to "spice" things up a bit. 
As for me, this historical life time drama needs no extra spice!

Okay on with it...
So the king discards Catherine of Aragon.
By the way... Catherine was married first, to Henry's brother
 Authur, but he died shortly after of the "sweating sickness"


So Catherine A. is out and clever Anne Boleyn is in.
But before Anne was on the Sceine,
Anne's older sister Mary Boleyn
 had the affections of the King...
This is were I trial off from the movie...

While the King was married to Catherine of Aragon his first wife.
 The King had two mistresses.
One was Elizabeth Blount or Bessie, (below)

Bessie became a maid-of-honor to Queen Catherine of Aragon,
 she was known at court for her beauty.
( to me they all look a like???)
Bessie caught the eye of King Henry VIII and became his mistress.
Bessie bore Henry an illegitimate son, Henry FitzRoy.
Fitzroy is the only acknowledged bastard of Henry VIII.
After the birth of Fitzroy, Henry and Bessie's love affair ended.
 Henry Fitzroy, had preceded his mother Bessie in death.
He died from tuberculosis.

They kings other lover is the now famous
 (thanks to the movies)
Mary Boleyn

While she is mistress to Henry, Mary was married to

Mary had two children supposedly with Will C.
More likely, they were the Kings kids that he didn't acknowledge.
Mary had a girl Catherine Carey

 and Catherine had a girl named...
Lettice Knollys
Lettice is Mary Boleyn's grand daughter, Remember this red headed Lady!
cousin to the queen.... 
More interesting stuff to tell... later!

 Doesn't Lettice, Marys grand-daughter (above)
 look allot like Anne's daughter Queen Elizabeth1?(below)

*Note the red hair that runs through King Henry's blood line...
So I bet Lettice is the grandchild child of Henry making Catherine his daughter???


**Lettice and Elizabeth have a run in over a man...more later**

Three movies about Queen Elizabeth worth viewing are...

Below: Helen Mirren plays Queen Elizabeth1 very well.
I liked this one best of all!
Any way....
Mary had second Child

It was recorded to say that Henry C looks like the King.
Note the red hair.
The nose looks like a skinny King Henry nose!

Marys first husband died of  a virus called the "sweating sickness."
 Mary married again...Second husband was a soldier 

 "While in France with the King, William met the lovely Mary Boleyn, sister to the Queen, Anne Boleyn, and also, the former mistress of the King.
It is said at least one of her children was Henry’s, rather than her husband’s.
All this sounds quite immoral today, but we must remember,
 aristocratic women had few choices in those days.
 If the King decided another man’s wife would be his next mistress, it happened.
The alternatives were too unpleasant."

Another example of the mistreatment of wemon was with the Duchess of Devonshire

Her hubby The Duke of Devonshire

 took a liking to Lady Elizabeth Foster

He moved her right in to their house... even with Georgiana protests.
 The Duke shut Georgiana  up
 with the threat of taking her children away from her...
 So, poor Georgiana put up with all this shit!  
The Duke had his affair with Lady Elizabeth, while she too was still married to her husband.
He ended up marring Elizabeth...

(below, Bess and Georgiana, later became friends)

This sad tale is worth reading about!

Or check out the movie
"The Duchess of Devonshire"

Anyway, back to Mary.....

                                     And that’s part of what makes Mary’s story so unique.
                              William Stafford and Mary Boleyn fell in love, and secretly married.
 When their secret got out, both the King and Queen were furious.
Why? Not jealousy or immorality. Those were minor issues.
No their crime was one of humiliating their relatives by making such an inferior match.  
Mary, as the queen’s sister, knew she was expected to make a powerful and wealthy marriage,
 and William had nothing.
 They literally risked their lives to marry.
They could have ended up in the Tower of London, or worse, headless.
But they were banished from court, and lived in poverty relatively speaking
Bold italics Info from:  Geeky Blogger

( below is a photo of the modest manor in the country they lived in)
(in the movie..."The Other Boleyn Girl" 
I think...William Stafford her second husband is the "country boy"
that Mary road off to in the night on her horse"

Okay, now for the story of Lettice Knollys, and Queen Elizabeth1.....

Well, maybe not now...I'm too tired...stay tuned:-)


  1. lol you just end it like that ???? i was really enjoying it and it just stoped. mother.....and yes i love to know about all this stuff.
    see you soon.
    from h

  2. wow. i didnt know half that stuff. ok know i get how e2 could be related to both of them. lol look forward to reading the rest. love u


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