Thursday, November 6, 2008

up close and personal

I awoke this morn. at three am, feeling the "loss" of my mother, I took a few minutes to cry, trying to pull my self together.
I made a strong cup of coffee...still a no-no! seeing as how I'm so-pose to be on my detox program. I drank it back and hoped I would not muck things up too much, in my gastric intestinal system... me gut's.
I jump on the computer in search of ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, needing to communicate with some one who would understand my "loss." Alas I could find none, unless I joined some group belonging to some site...(Maybe I will one day) I've decided to blog instead, not knowing where this will take me.
I don't often cry over my "loss, " I use to, every day in fact numerous times a day, that's about 14 years ago. Today it hits me now and again, like when my ex mother in law passed away. I thought on my own mom, when shes gone...I mean really gone how will I be? Will I manage without her? Will I keel over with more pain? Who will help her? Will I be allowed to help?
 Or will it be easier seeing as how I've already "lost" her, and dad.

I ache for you mom, dad you don't even know. My heart bleeds and breaks.
I need you.
Hold me, as you used to, and I'll hold you back.
I wish I could tell you and dad how much I love you. I wish you could see my heart, you would know that I have not left God.
I can not beg you to see me or reach out to me any more, I'm too afraid of your answer.
I watched mom walk away with my sister arm in arm, I saw she put her head on moms shoulder, I cried behind your backs, you did not see my tears. I wished I had been on the other arm, the three of us as it should be.
Religion is a strange thing, even danderious... it can reek havoc in a persons life, it can do damage that can not be reversed...
the physic gets mucked about with, and you lose so much.

I am hoping this blog will be cathartic for me, and hoping to find a peace with in.


  1. I know you wrote this a while ago, but I just want to give you a big HUG right now anyway.

    I take it you are an ex-Jahovahs Witness and your mom was a Jahovahs Witness?

    I here if you want to chat.
    I'm not a Jehovahs Witness, just a believe in Jesus and a good friend of mine is an ex-Jehovah's Witness.

    God's abundant blessings on you and your family. How is your new tree doing and are the baby birds grown yet?

  2. Oh Kimberly
    What a surprise to find your comment here.Thank you Thank you my dear for your hug, and kind words.Yes mom and dad are JW's and I have been astranged from them for a long time.I would like to chat more...I will come to your blog.Tracy


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