Sunday, November 9, 2008

On-line Journaling

A personal journal on line, what a concept! My daughter, whom is much more talented at this sort of thing then myself, set me up with a blog, she joyfully did all the work for me, bless her giving heart. Funny thing is... it didn't last too long, I deleted the whole thing within a week. I believe I was not ready to put my thoughts on "paper". Four months have passed since then, I decided to try my own hand at "blogging". I started to look randomly at other blogs just to see how theirs appeared and what they wrote about. The very first one that appeared on my screen was a blog by a woman in the neighboring Provence of Saskatchewan, "creating abundance" I couldn't stop reading. I found her writings so intriguing, thoughtful, and yes, abundant. Her blog has affected me in such a way, that I find my self thinking some what differently more positive, looking for my own abundance. My hats off to all who blog, it really can make a difference in some one else's life. My next thought is... did "creating abundance" pop up by coincidence, fate, chance... or am I subconsciously trying to create "more" in my own life, and it showed up at the right time?
To my daughter, I am grateful for her guidance and the research that she does on the "how to" aspect of blogging, her patience to teach me how to download, surf, and create. Its great, daughter teaches mother.
This blog has a different agenda then the first... I've decided that I will write for myself, not that any one would or should read my blogs, I'm intentionally doing this for my own therapeutic purpose's. (although read if you wish)

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