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Reading...Mary Queen of Scots

Antonia Fraser is a wonderful historical writer, I've read many of her books and am now enjoying Mary Queen of Scots.
 Mary Stuart has lead a fascinating life.
She was born to Royal parent's of Scotland. Mary was only 6 month's old when she became Queen of Scotland, and only 5 years old she left home for France.
Young Mary was to
marry at the appointed time to a little French Prince,  Francis Dauphin of France. 
He was about 4 years younger than she.

It was custom in that day, for this young Princess to make the journey from Scotland to France, so she could live amongst the French Royals andbe reared as such, seeing as she was to be France's Queen one day.

 Apr 1558 she married Francois, then dauphin, the son of the French King. In Jul 1559 Francois succeeded his father and Mary became Queen of France as well as of Scotland.

This marriage didn't last long for the young King died leaving Mary a child widow.

She stayed in France for a while after her husbands death, then Marys mother died and her brother James persuaded her to return to Scotland home of her birth.
She landed back in Scotland in Aug.19 1561. Mary was 18 years old. 

Back in that day, it was impertinent that a queen have a husband,  to pass on the royal name to an heir...preferably a male heir. Mary had many proposals of marriage but settled on her cousin the handsome Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley 

Who turned out to be a jerk! He only wanted the title of "King" with reining power, and neglected his wife. He died in the end, it seems to be sinister...murder, maybe???
Darnley and Mary had a son together, who became King of Scotland and England...

                                                                     James V1 and 1

James was born on 19 June 1566/March 1625

Shortly after the birth of Mary's son, There was a large explosion at Darnleys home. He had escaped the explosion that destroyed the house but, was found dead with his page a short distance from the house. It was rumored, (and it seems quite likely), that he was killed by James Hepburn, the Earl of Bothwell (Mary's future and third husband). For Darnley had died by strangulation, not the blast.

                                                   A drawing of the murder scene.

                                       Earl of Bothwell became Queen Mary's third husband...
No one knows for sure if Mary had any thing to do with the Darnley murder but,  Bothwell was fingered as the murderer and, Mary an accomplice. Too bad she didn't think for her self...I am sure she would have realized, to go ahead and marry Bothwell would not be favourable for her. Unfortunately the queen of Scots listened to her advisers and married the Earl Bothwell...Later, these same advisers turned on her saying they didn't want her to marry the Earl Bothwell...(ass-holes!)
The Famous Casket letters

Letters, that were said to be written by Mary found in the above silver case. Controversial to weather there authenticity points to Mary in a bad and murderous light...In any case these letters were used to some how incriminate her in the murder of Darnley her second husband. Poor Mary's end was very bad...she had to flee Scotland for she had now acquired so many enemies she saut refuge in England asking the queen of England Elizabeth 1 for help and protection, Elizabeth gave a promise of help and had poor Mary confined, at first it seemed it was for her well being and safety, but Mary's confinement turn into 18 years a prisoner in England and Mary never got the help nor asylum she was promised. The Scottish Queen was charged with treason against Queen Elizabeth1 and
she was beheaded. the queen of England's order.

The axeman ask for her forgiveness befor he struck...
she gave it.
Sadly it took two blows of the axe to put Mary out of her misery,
 the first missed her neck and cut the back of her head. 

This book was full of interesting facts about this beauty of a Queen, and the time of this past era, the 1500's. It also leaves me angry, angry at our inhuman past..towards all man kind, not just queen Mary. She believed in her heart she was put asunder because she would not release her religious beliefs as a Catholic...she was right to believe this, as many were put to death for their faith.
Don't feel too bad for the Catholics though,....for they too have had their hand's bloody with innocent's of  the Protestant faith...Example:
Queen Mary of Tudor, Henry V111's sister...
When she was queen, she had many protestants murdered for their faith.
Thine Queen was called "Bloody Mary" because of all the people that were burned at the stake, or ripped apart, or disembowelled, or some other gruesome act.
 How self centred religions have played a part, and still do to this day, play a sickening role
 in the lives and death of people.
(ever hear of ex-communication? or Dis-fellowshipping? Cruel!)
Queen Mary of England
"Bloody Mary"
                                                                            any how....
When Mary Queen of Scots was charged with treason... It reads, from Antonia's book, as though she was set up by the English governing body including Queen Elizabeth
(heartless woman, how could she not know,I shouldn't take so much to heart..."NOTE In defence of Elizabeth I because she really is portrayed in such bad light for signing Mary Queen of Scots death warrant, this was not a decision Elizabeth I comes to easily".  thank you Kimberly for the extra very professional information) and some of the Scots too should be held accountable for her wrong confinement and beheading.
A queen should not have been kept a prisoner when seeking help from another queen!!! She had been given a promise of refuge by her cousin and fellow queen Elizabeth, later Elizabeth denied that she ever gave this promise. Through out queen Mary's 18 years of confinement, she kept reminding Elizabeth of her promise in her letters to the English queen.
Mary did no wrong as to be held for 18 years a prisoner of England... she only wanted to show Elizabeth that she was not after her throne, that's why she remained a good prisoner and did not run, nor try to assassinate Elizabeth.
                                                   Queen Marys rosary and prayer book...
                                                         Mary remained true to her faith.
 After so so many years under lock and key and much of this time under very poor holdings approximately 9 buildings...Due to lack of exercise she became over weight and rheumatic. She caved conversation for she seldom had it, and being an intelligent woman, it must have been almost pain full not to communicate in a thought provoking manner...
(don't question this unless you your self have been through it!) Mary Stuart took conversation when and were she could, with whom ever she could.
She must have gone somewhat mad, or even confused... always thinking that her release
"was any day now"  and never came.
Poor Mary Stuart just wanting out of her confinement as promised, she never wanted any ones throne as she was so often accused of.
 Even her loyal assistance loved her one day and the next they are betraying her, she never knew who to trust, but Mary would forgive many of them, realizing that some were tortured into there betrayal, but others betrayed for self gain...
Mary in her emotional pain lacking freedom and her child, and her kingdom as a God ordained Queen, could have said anything that these English creeps (speaking of this era thank you) would have used against her in order to charge her with treason...
My personal reaction... As one can tell my heart goes out to poor Mary, I am proud she held to her beliefs,even though I think Catholicism is a crock of sh*!
 as I do with most religions.
( I am open to all but believe none dis-fellowshiped as I am.
 I actually envy folks that are like Mary and my parents)
Any way...I don't understand why France who loved Miss Mary Stuart did not come to her rescue? Frances heart broke upon hearing her death. Were they not strong enough to combat England? What of Spain, they wanted to make a Catholic connection with Mary, why didn't the King of Spain step in and rescue her and marry her like he wanted?
Not to mention her own people the Scots...were where you guys???
At any rate her son became King of both Scotland and England, unfortunately Mary saw her son for the last time when he was only 5 years old, as he was taken away from her and he was
kept away from his mother.
Poor, poor Queen Mary of Scotland....I cried for this woman when I read her story.... 
(see above photo of King James V1 and 1 for more info)


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